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Got babies on your mind? If you’re starting to think about getting pregnant, you may want to take some steps to help you have a healthy pregnancy. So what kind of things can you do? This is afamily and a pregnant mom good time to get regular exercise, cut down on caffeinated drinks, and start taking a daily vitamin-mineral supplement. Use this helpful guide as a checklist to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

What to Expect During Your First Prenatal Appointment

Don’t think you will be able to fit in your first prenatal appointment during your lunch hour. This is going to be an extended event so plan accordingly. Maybe take a friend or relative with you who can be your second set of ears. It’s hard to remember it all on your own.

Plan what you need to bring:

  • Your detailed medical history. This includes any chronic diseases, prior surgeries, vaccines you’ve had, allergies you are aware of.
  • Detail any mental health issues like depression or medications you currently take.
  • List GYN history like previous pregnancies, complications, or any information about problematic deliveries.
  • List every medication you take both prescription and OTC. This includes supplements and vitamins.
  • Are there any concerning health issues in your family or the father’s family history?

There will be a thorough physical examination, blood tests, blood pressure, urine test, and a pelvic exam. There will be checks for other things like varicose veins as a baseline. Your obstetrician wants to eliminate any possible complications that may arise for you or your growing baby.

Expect to get a confirmation of your pregnancy and an approximate due date. This will be firmed up later.

Here at CNY Women’s Healthcare in East Syracuse, New York, our OBGYNs have the experience and expertise to provide you with exceptional prenatal care.

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