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Cosmetic Services in Syracuse

CNY Women’s Healthcare provides cosmetic services including Botox, skin tightening, body sculpting, and vaginal rejuvenation. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, contact our women’s health clinic in Syracuse, NY to schedule a consultation and discuss your treatment goals. Our women’s health specialists provide care for patients located throughout Central New York including East Syracuse, Bridgeport, and Dewitt. To schedule your consultation, please call (315) 446-4400 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

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Botox® Injection Treatment

The use of Botox®, a therapeutic muscle relaxing agent, is a popular and safe non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions. The goal of a Botox® injection is not to keep patients from expressing themselves but simply to keep them from making facial grimaces and frowns that have become habits. Botox® does not paralyze facial muscles, although with extreme amounts it may.


Morpheus8 technology


Morpheus8 is a device that combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology for fractional resurfacing that stimulates collagen production. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, the building blocks will reorganize themselves in a natural anti-aging process. There is little to no damage to the dermis and this procedure provides an extremely uniform effect.

Morpheus8 can be used in the same treatment session, or a few days after other treatments. Morpheus8 can also be combined with other InMode energy treatments or injectables to achieve more extensive results.

Since patient downtime is minimal, makeup can be applied 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Patients should expect to see micro lesions a few days after treatment and slight redness depending on treatment parameters.

Patients should moisturize the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure. It is also recommended that patients use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day. In addition to reducing the risk of skin cancer, sunscreens also slow the aging process.


tone body technology


Tone works by emitting pulses for electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to simulate involuntary muscle contractions. Tone’s hands-free applicators target specific muscle groups to restore the strength of the muscle.

Most patients find Tone comfortable. During your treatment you can expect Tone applicators to emit direct electrical muscle stimulation that will induce muscle contractions similar to what you would experience during a workout. Your treatment can be adjusted progressively to your comfort level.

Your practitioner will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives. Treatment times and frequency will be tailored to obtain the optimal results.

There is zero downtime associated with Tone. It is a quick and painless treatment that can be done over your lunchtime, allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately. Patients may notice redness and warmth in the treated area which will subside after a few hours.


Vtone technology


VTone delivers electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles treating stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence in women.

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Morpheus8V technology


Morpheus8V is a quick and effective fractional radiofrequency technology that addresses a wide range of concerns. With a 24 pin matrix of thin gold-coated microneedles and a treatment depth of 3mm, Morpheus8V leverages clinically proven electrocoagulation and fractional bulk heating to deliver temperatures that induce tissue coagulation and collagen contraction.


FormaV technology


FormaV is a comfortable treatment that provides uniform volumetric deep heating for tissue remodeling with real-time temperature control.

Morpheus8 Body


Morpheus8 Body delivers deep 8mm subdermal adipose tissue remodeling, through a large surface tip consisting of a matric of 40 thin gold-coated microneedles, and a thermal profile of 7mm + an additional heat profile of 1mm. Equipped with Burst mode RF Vulcanization technology, it automatically deploys bipolar RF energy to multi-level treatment depths in a single cycle.