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In-office Gynecological Procedures in Syracuse, NY

Today there are a number of procedures safely performed in the comfort of your OBGYN’s office, under local anesthesia. Some eligible patients may have lower out-of-pocket costs if the procedure is performed in this lower cost of care setting, such as a physician’s office. Your physician will recommend the best approach for you. The highly trained OBGYNs at CNY Women’s Healthcare have extensive experience performing a multitude of in-office procedures. They will take the time to fully explain the procedure and answer any questions. Call (315) 446-4400 to schedule an appointment at our OBGYN office in Syracuse, NY today!

Endometrial Ablation

NovaSure® is a non-surgical office based endometrial ablation procedure used to treat the lining of the uterus (endometrium) in women experiencing heavy menstrual periods. Your physician may recommend either procedure when birth control pills have been ineffective or have produced undesirable effects such as weight gain, moodiness etc.


Hysteroscopy is an office or hospital-based procedure that is used to look inside the uterus. It utilizes a hysterscope, a slender telescope-like device, which is inserted into the uterus.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedures (LEEP)

Women who have a Pap smear showing abnormal cells in their cervix may find that their physician will suggest an electrosurgical procedure commonly called LEEP to remove those cells.  This minimally invasive procedure uses a thin wire loop through which an electric current is passed to remove a thin layer of tissue containing the abnormal cells.


The purpose of a Colposcopy is to examine the cervix for indications of cervical cancer. In most cases, this procedure is performed on women whose pap test has returned abnormal results.  The gynecologist will use an imaging device, called a colposcope, to look for irregular cervical tissue.