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Five Infertility Myths

When you and your partner are struggling to conceive, it is important to know you are not alone. There are a lot of myths surrounding infertility, and below we discuss some of the more common misinformation that is spread around online or elsewhere.

5 Infertility Myths

Frequent ejaculations decrease male fertility.

Frequent ejaculations do not affect fertility – even with daily ejaculations.

Exact timing of ovulation is critical to getting pregnant.

The highest success is through daily intercourse during the time between the end of the period and the middle of the cycle when ovulation occurs.

Lying in bed with your legs up helps you conceive.

There is no evidence that the position affects the chances of conceiving.

Long-term use of oral contraceptive pills causes infertility.

There may be a delay in the return to ovulatory cycles for a month or two, but there is no evidence that this causes infertility.

You should try to conceive for one year before seeking medical advice and assistance for infertility.

There is no reason to wait to seek help!

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